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Anyone who has heard of graph game sites is right there.Currently, the only verifiable hash value is released, and you can safely use graphs in proven places that have been operating for years.
After signing up with , you can use the official address or just use it. You may want to choose a faster place.

How to play graph game

Set your preferred amount at startup.
After the graph game starts, the odds increase from 1x along the graph.
If you watch the odds and press the stop button first before being forced to end, you win.
However, all players who have not exited the game before it ends will lose all.
What happens if the connection is lost while the graph is in progress?

In the event that we detect that your connection has been terminated during the game, we will automatically terminate your game.
If the game was in progress, you will receive a dividend at the end.

Whatever the reason for the disconnection, the automatic stop game system will work.
How are the multipliers calculated for each game?

Scaling involves the following steps:

1. The program enters a randomly generated random number.

2. Gives the program a 1% chance of ending the game immediately.

3. The game ends according to the result calculated by random numbers.

The process is completely automated with no external intervention.
What is the rate of return? 

The rate of return is the percentage of your games that we want to earn.
The Company seeks to recover from 0% to 1% of the amount.
The company sets the expected return rate from 0% to 1%, but this may vary depending on how you play. However, this game is very fair regardless of the company’s rate of exchange. You can prove its fairness for each game.

The approximate formula for calculating the rate of return is:1% * (Estimated dividend of player-win) * (Amount / player’s estimate)
Another important thing to keep in mind is that every game starts with a 1% chance and ends immediately.This point cannot be predicted or manipulated. However, this is something you need to be aware of in order to make a profit.
What is your maximum dividend? 
There is no maximum dividend.

However, if a player’s total dividend exceeds 3% of the total payout arrangements prepared by us during the game, the server will automatically suspend the game and pay to all personnel playing the game up to that point in time.

The maximum dividend per game can be found in the upper left corner of the graph chart.
Graph site referralsGraph site analysisGraph site referralsHow old is it?I think the most important thing when choosing a site to use. Our company was the first to showcase the UK’s Bustabit, and it recommends the top graph game site, which has the highest number of members even though many music and rumors.

Is it secure?Problems rarely occur due to the nature of the game, but it is true that users are anxious. Our company thoroughly manages your information, changes your domain address periodically for security, and you can use it more securely by building an SSL security certificate system.

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